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Discovering the Wonders of Iceland

Iceland Landscape

After years of dreaming, I finally took the plunge and went on an adventure to Iceland. The stunning landscapes, warm people, and unique culture left me in awe. Join me on my journey as I explore glaciers, hot springs, and more.

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Moon sat silently by the window
Hoped he would feel the warmth.
The window was so cold and quiet
But melted as he saw the moon that night.
He made faces while she smiled :)
Also,never left a chance to make fun of her.moon! Please don't mind.
He then wrote a song for her;
The moon blushed and went round and round around him.
Not been able to believe,
She stopped and looked down with relief.
Window knew there was a thing within them for certain,
He then removed the curtain.....
It didn't matter if things seemed wrong or right..
He just didn't want the moon to go out of sight
His actions made the moon even more bright
It was one beautiful night!!!

The moon and the window

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