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Discovering the Wonders of Iceland

Iceland Landscape

After years of dreaming, I finally took the plunge and went on an adventure to Iceland. The stunning landscapes, warm people, and unique culture left me in awe. Join me on my journey as I explore glaciers, hot springs, and more.

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National Incubator Capacity Development Program

India Serving the ecosystem of 92000+ DPIIT-Recognised Startups across the county. Even having a strong number of incubators in India, we fail to serve the major population serving rural incubators which creates a huge lack of major resources to grow and expand business reach. Even the present incubators fail to serve the required amount of training, sensitization, and knowledge building. This is where govt launched the National Incubator Capacity Development Program to serve the Indian incubators with a cohort-based hybrid capacity development and enhancement program with the prime objective to facilitate them by :

  • Providing long-term handholding and mentorship support to incubator managers

  • Enhancing capacities of incubators, especially across emerging cities

  • Providing better infrastructure for entrepreneurs to grow


i. Incubator should be an incorporated/registered entity in India ii. Incubator should have at least 5 startups incubated in the current or last financial year iii. Incubator should have a minimum of 5 employees iv. Special emphasis on Incubators established in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities v. Willingness to learn by adopting the incubation process vi. Maximum of 2 participants, both from Sr. Management (Director, CEO, Head, etc.), and from mid-management (Incubation/Portfolio Manager etc.)


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